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How a Single Connectivity Partner Can Take You From Surviving to Thriving

As a connectivity provider, understandably, you want to offer your clients the best possible choices and the highest level of service.

The temptation lies to sign up with multiple vendors in order to achieve this. However, along with this comes a number of downsides that can have a negative impact on the overall success of your business.

Juggling Targets

Multiple targets from various vendors can split your focus from what’s important. Added pressure of multiple sales targets or commitments means your attention may be distracted from providing the customer service you strive for, leading to lower client retention.

Using just one provider who offers all the services you require, can help to negate this problem.

Reduce management time

Using a single provider for all connectivity products means a single relationship to manage.

At Iperium, you have the ability to manage all aspects of the client relationship through a single portal. From placing orders, to billing, account management and reporting, our powerful portal allows you time efficiency and a clear view of what’s happening across all your accounts. It really simplifies your internal processes.

Preferential pricing structure

Having a single supplier, gives you added buying power. The more you order through one supplier, the more valuable you become to them, giving you the power to negotiate better pricing. Which you can then either pass on to your clients or allow yourself addition margin.

When you consider the combined benefits of using a single supplier, it really is clear; reduce stress, save time, increase efficiency and lower costs. Can you really afford not to use a single supplier?

Find out more about Iperium and what we offer our partners today, we can help you to run a thriving telco business. Chat to one of our team today.


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