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Power your communications with a flexible, scalable phone system that adapts with your business and allows your team to work from anywhere.

Iperium - Connectivity Suite - VoIP

The best thing of all?

Power your unified communications with a flexible, scalable phone system that adapts with your business and allows your team to work from anywhere with reliable, high quality voice in any situation!

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the new solution that's convenient, cost effective and flexible. It couldn’t be simpler to implement and set up can be done in minutes to give you an affordable phone system that grows with you, providing all of the features you’ve always wanted but never knew were so accessible.


VoIP - Simple Startup

Simple Startup

Simple to deploy, scalable and user friendly
VoIP - Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Competitive rates, allowing higher profitability
VoIP - Scalable


Grows and scales in line with business needs
VoIP - Works Anywhere

Works Anywhere

Flexible communications from home or the office

How It Works

VoIP Diagram

Why Iperium VoIP?

Our voice network has been designed with scalable and geographically diverse voice gateways, providing the redundancy your customers expect.

Our feature rich solution comes with advanced features for small and large teams. This shall enable your customers to be more adaptive and able to meet todays business and customer needs. The best thing of all? Seamless deployment and simple management earning you trusted advisor status with your customer and giving you consistent cashflow.

VoIP - Create a New Revenue Stream

Create a New Revenue Stream

Iperium VoIP creates a new revenue stream for your business; now is the time when workforce's need it more than ever. With changing working conditions, VoIP allows for greater flexibility and hassle free integration to existing network infrastructure.

VoIP - Work from Anywhere

Work from Anywhere

Current conditions mean a scalable phone solution that can be accessed for all communication needs is key. That's where voice over IP (VoIP) comes in. These benefits allow for a highly reliable and effective line of communication accessible from virtually anywhere in the world.

Your Connectivity Distributor

We are the only Distributor of Connectivity Services in Australia. We provide you with an upfront price, and you decide your own margins. No trailing commissions with us. We provide you complete flexibility to choose the services you need, on the terms you want, and when you want them.

Your Connectivity Distributor - VoIP