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Voice over IP

Flexible, scalable phone system that adapts with your business and allows your team to work from anywhere with reliable, high quality voice in any situation

  • VoIP - Bundled Hosted PBX
  • VoIP - 2 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 4 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 6 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 8 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 10 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 15 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 20 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 30 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 40 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 50 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 60 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 70 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 80 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 90 Channel PBX
  • VoIP - 100 Channel PBX

What is a Hosted PABX?

A Hosted PBX connects your business Voice over IP phones through the internet. The Hosted PBX is located in a secure data centre on the Iperium Private Cloud, so it’s reliable, flexible and available when you need it.

No more costly PBX system to buy or maintain - instead you simply purchase the handsets, and for less than the price of the equivalent landline rental, you can have all the features of a feature rich PBX system.

> You can make changes to the phone system yourself online or call our friendly support team for assistance at no cost

> You will save heaps on your phone bill just by switching to VoIP, with untimed calls to landlines

Iperium VoIP

Why Iperium VoIP?

> Our feature rich solution comes with advanced features for small and large teams. This shall enable your customers to be more adaptive and able to meet todays business and customer needs.

The best thing of all?

> Seamless deployment and simple management earning you trusted advisor status with your customer and giving you consistent cashflow.

Power Your Unified Communications

Our voice network has been designed with scalable and geographically diverse voice gateways, providing the redundancy your customers expect.