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NBN for Business

We provide layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity services at a competitive pricing model for your customer.

Iperium - Connectivity Suite - NBN for Business



Unrivalled Speeds

Unrivalled Speeds

As a key business tool, we know how important speed is when it comes to broadband, that’s why we have a range of options to suit specific needs.
Reliable, Connected

Accessible pricing

We offer a simplified pricing structure to allow you to tailor your pricing model in line with your business goals.
Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

We don’t believe in data restrictions on our network, that’s why all our plans include unlimited data.
Dedicated CVC

Dedicated CVC

Dedicated CVC Allocation per connection, meaning that your customers run close to full capacity on speeds.


High Performance Business Internet Solutions

We provide a range of Internet products to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets, delivered via our high performance, resilient network to meet the most demanding requirements.


Business Broadband

Delivered via the nbn™ network, our low contention Business Broadband service provides high speed Internet in 25/10Mbps, 50/20Mbps and 100/40Mbps speed tiers. With connectivity to all 121 nbn™ points of interconnect, we can deliver you a quality service anywhere.


Dedicated Static IP Address

Our Premium Internet solution delivered via our own high speed IP transit network, providing customers a dedicated static IP address. We always provide a business range static IP address that allows hosting of services with reverse DNS available.

How It Works

NBN for Business - NBN Technology Delivery

Your connectivity partner

NBN for Business - Be Responsive, Be Connected

Be Responsive, Be Connected

Your customer's needs are changing regularly with the impacts of COVID-19. Reliable communications and fast connectivity is the new norm for the foreseeable future. NBN technology can deliver speeds up to four times faster than ADSL2+ and accommodate for the need of a demanding digital world. Is it time to start offering a flexible NBN solution?

NBN for Business - Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

NBN offers a quick win revenue stream that you can access quickly and deliver seamlessly to your customer on Australia's largest telco infrastructure. The service can be easily upgraded as your customers network grows, making it a great scalable product with minimal fuss. Use the Iperium Portal to low touch manage your orders and excel growth. Are you talking to customers about NBN?

Why Iperium?

Why Iperium - Australian Support

Australian Support

Our team are here when you need us, should something happen to go wrong.
Why Iperium - Ease of Application

Ease of Application

We handle all the set up and application to keep things simple for you. Leaving you to focus on what’s important, your customer.
Why Iperium - Network Design

Network Design

We can design the network dependant on what you need, from an internet connection to a multi-node private network, delivering the right connection to your customer.
Why Iperium - Support Packages

Support Packages

We have a range of support packages available including managed services, depending on you and your customers needs.

Your Connectivity Distributor

We are the only distributor of connectivity services who allow you to choose your own margins, set your own GP and don’t require trailing commissions. We provide you complete flexibility to choose the services you need and when you want them.

Your Connectivity Distributor - NBN for Business