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Our plans can include talk and data, or if your customer requires data only plans for their devices, we've got that covered.

Iperium - Connectivity Suite - Mobile

Our mobile solutions offer a variety of plans for your customer

Backed by Telstra with Australia wide coverage, to keep your customers connected wherever they go.


Mobile - Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans

We offer flexible plans that suit the needs of any voice and data usage your customer requires.
Mobile - Easy Provisioning

Easy Provisioning

Set up couldn’t be simpler; your customer can be connected and ready to go in no time.
Mobile - Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

Telstra coverage means we provide better network coverage so your customers can stay connected wherever they're working from.
Mobile - BYOD


Bring your own device means no handset lock in contracts. We can cater to all SIM card requirements for your preferred device.


How It Works

This is the easy part - you simply order the number of SIM cards you require for customer using the Iperium portal and we'll have these delivered straight to your door. If you'd like to keep your existing number, our friendly team will take care of the porting process for you. Meaning you can offer your customers a competitive and flexible service to meet their business needs.

It really is that simple and the best part is you can offer your customer seamless deployment and simple management, whilst giving you consistent cashflow.

Why Iperium Mobile?

Mobile - Simple Ordering

Simple Ordering

Mobile - Number Porting

Number Porting

Mobile - Customer Management

Customer Management

Your Connectivity Distributor

We are the only distributor of connectivity services who allow you to choose your own margins, set your own GP and don’t require trailing commissions. We provide you complete flexibility to choose the services you need and when you want them.

Your Connectivity Distributor - Mobile