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IP Transit

Rapid provisioning over Megaport, EdgeIX, IX Australia or Cross Connect in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth

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  • Iperium IP Transit - Blended Transit
  • Iperium IP Transit - AS1221 Telstra
  • Iperium IP Transit - AS174 Cogent


IP Transit - Uncontended Traffic

Uncontended Traffic

Perfect for businesses that need to transfer a lot of data and need guaranteed reliability for data transmission.
IP Transit - Low Latency

Low Latency

For those moving high amounts of content in short periods of time, quick round trip time between connectivity points is key.
IP Transit - End-to-end Management

End-to-End Management

This allows for a centralised point to manage your services using our single pane of glass Portal.
IP Transit - Proactive Peering

Proactive Peering

Global Tier 1 IP peering relationships and redundant connectivity ensures the most optimal routing path.

Empower your Internet solutions with our Premium IP Transit

We offer a premium, blended IP transit solution for Service Providers and Enterprises demanding the highest availability and performance for their customers and hosted services.

IP Transit - Empower Your Internet Solutions

We have direct peering agreements with major content providers and we also participate on Equinix IX and MegaIX peering exchanges, ensuring super fast and low latency connections to popular content.

Services can be delivered directly to most major Data Centres in Australia and New Zealand via direct on-net connection or via Equinix ECX and Megaport platforms for extended reach. A wide range of BGP communities are available including RTBH filtering.


Why Iperium IP Transit?

When you choose Iperium IP Transit you benefit from our proactive peering arrangements with all major peering exchanges across Australia including IX Australia, Megaport, Equinix and PIPE Networks.

No matter the size of their organisation, our network, delivers your customers some of the quickest and shortest data paths available.

We guarantee direct access to the content every business needs.

In our Digitalised World, Connectivity is King

Our IP Transit network offers reliable, high performing internet, backed by connectivity to Optus, Telstra and Vocus and other major transit providers.