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Fibre Ethernet

For customers who have outgrown their existing connection and now require faster speeds, a more reliable connection and a scalable solution, upgrading to Fibre Ethernet is the way to go.

Iperium - Connectivity Suite - Fibre Ethernet

Offering Unrivalled Symmetrical Bandwidth

Accelerate your customers growth, now and into the future to meet the connectivity speeds of a more demanding business network.

Fibre Ethernet - Superior Performance

Superior Performance

Our Fast Fibre solutions give you highly reliable bandwidth starting at 20Mbps up-to 10Gbps of lightning fast symmetrical connectivity, providing unrivalled performance.
Fibre Ethernet - Access Solutions

Access Solutions

Iperium Fibre Ethernet gives you the flexibility to access multiple solutions through one reliable connection. This includes Data, Internet, Voice and Cloud.
Fibre Ethernet - Flexible


You choose how your service bandwidth is allocated, allow you the best possible performance for all traffic types.

Fibre Ethernet - High Speed Protected Point-to-point Connectivity

High Speed Protected Connectivity

Point to Point and Point to Multi-point connectivity delivered over our carrier-grade MPLS network backbone ensuring maximum performance and uptime for your critical operations.

Fibre Ethernet - Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line

A Layer 2 point-to-point Ethernet service delivered using MPLS architecture. This service is suitable for customers looking to connect two offices or data centre locations directly together and allows protocol transparency for advanced control. Available over Fibre and Fixed Wireless technologies with speeds ranging from 20Mbps to 10Gbps.

Fibre Ethernet - Virtual Private Line

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

EVPL services allow point to multi-point style deployments for service multiplexing. The port bandwidth is an aggregate of each individual EVC delivered on the EVPL trunk. Port speeds available are from 20Mbps and up-to 10Gbps.

How It Works

Fibre Ethernet

your connectivity partner

Fibre Ethernet - Help them Grow

Help Them Grow

Offering customers advice to help them provision the correct service for their business needs, provides invaluable support for growing businesses, especially in today's changeable climate. Offering flexible plans and solutions when your customer needs it most, to help them adapt to the latest technologies and achieve their growth goals.

Fibre Ethernet - Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Fibre plans come with the ability to add a strong margin, meaning increased profit from a single client. As a scalable solution, fibre ethernet allows you to increase throughput and the ability to grow your network with ease and minimal CAPEX costs. Reach out to your customer who are outgrowing their existing connection to talk about making the switch.

Your Connectivity Distributor

We are the only distributor of connectivity services who allow you to choose your own margins, set your own GP and don’t require trailing commissions. We provide you complete flexibility to choose the services you need and when you want them.

Your Connectivity Distributor - Fibre Ethernet