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Fibre Ethernet

For businesses who have outgrown their existing NBN connection and now require faster speeds, a reliable and a scalable solution, upgrading to Fibre Ethernet is the answer

  • Fibre Ethernet - 100Mbps
  • Fibre Ethernet - 250Mbps
  • Fibre Ethernet - 400Mbps
  • Fibre Ethernet - 1000Mbps

Reasons To Choose Fibre From Iperium

> High availability and low latency core network
> The network is proactively monitored 24/7
> Access various services including

> VoIP
> Point to point data
> IP VPN / e-LAN
> Unlimited internet
> Virtual Data Centre

> MPLS fast re-route and path protection
> Flexible capacity to every site up to 10Gbps
> High availability guarantees
> Australian based support team on-hand to help
> Shadow VLANs for additional resilience
> Quoting and ordering through the Iperium Portal


Benefits of Fibre Ethernet


Superior Performance

Our Fast Fibre solutions give you highly reliable bandwidth starting at 20Mbps up-to 10Gbps of lightning fast symmetrical connectivity, providing unrivalled performance.


Access Solutions

Iperium Fibre Ethernet gives you the flexibility to access multiple solutions through one reliable connection. This includes Data, Internet, Voice and Cloud.



You choose how your service bandwidth is allocated, allow you the best possible performance for all traffic types.

Reasons to move to a High Performance Fibre N

Reasons to move to a High Performance Fibre Network

> Growing Infrastructure
> Access Services
> Superior Organisational Performance

> Higher Network Performance
> Superior Speeds
> Iperium Team Support


Upgrade Your Business' Connection To Fibre Ethernet

We provide superior network performance and symmetrical speeds allowing fast transfer of data between sites.

Fibre Ethernet