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Cloud Connect

Delivering a direct connection between any business and the cloud service providers they need

Cloud connect makes global interconnection possible

The opportunities are endless with the geographic scalability of our Cloud network giving your customers flexibility for instant provisioning and operational efficiency. Fast and simplified cloud deployment is perfect for the roll out of production and test environments.

Cloud Connect offers your customer flexible storage, data security and on-demand connections to various public cloud platforms and service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and many more.

Cloud Connect - High Performance

High Performance

Responsive performance to match your workload by increasing and decreasing bandwidth and flexible storage options for a responsive environment to suit your customers' needs.
Cloud Connect - Direct Data Routes

Direct Data Routes

No matter where you are, get direct network access to the services you need. Our Cloud Connect service is your gateway to the world's leading platforms.
Cloud Connect - Faster Connections

Faster Connections

We know how important it is to be agile in this industry. Quick deployment options and provisioning over our secure carrier-grade network will have you up and running in no time.

Iperium - Cloud Connect

How It Works

Iperium Cloud Connect provides a dedicated high speed connection to access many cloud providers and platforms.

You have the option to add redundancy through multiple connections into one or more locations to suit your needs.

You can manage your requirements and connection speed along with your customer workload. Cloud Connect allows you dial up and dial down specifications when you want, meaning on demand connections dependant on customer capacity and storage requirements. 

As it’s hosted in the cloud, there are no hardware requirements for your customer, making it simple to deploy and manage.

All your data is safely backed in the cloud, with secure end-to-end encryption for complete peace of mind.

Why Iperium Cloud Connect?


Ability to deliver high performing global data connections, at speeds that are unmatched by other internet connections.


Privacy and low latency of an uncontended network connection.


An easily scalable and offer a futureproof solution that grows alongside a business.

Direct access to the services you need anytime, anywhere. Find out how we can support your business.